Why Choose American Columbarium?

  • Our precast columbaria are made in the USA and will stand the test of time.
  • We have 100 years of experience providing high quality customer service and superior products to stand behind American Columbarium and ensure your project’s success.
  • We are dedicated to the finest quality materials, products and customer service.
  • We offer the flexibility to choose a design configuration that meets every customer’s vision and need.
  • Our quality craftsmanship and ability to maintain that quality far outweighs the low end foreign products that are being introduced into the US market.
  • Foreign products are not constructed to last. If there is a maintenance issue, such as a broken shutter or trim piece, it is difficult to find someone to make the repair. It is also problematic to find a perfect match on foreign granite or marble.

How Are The Columbaria Made?

American Columbarium’s product is made of high strength, steel reinforced concrete with a compressive strength exceeding 5000 PSI. The niche itself is made of high quality ABS plastic accompanied by ABS plastic sealing shutter. The high strength concrete is poured onto the ABS plastic niche as an integral part of the casting.

What is the Standard Niche Size?

The standard size niche measures 11.5″ x 11.5″ x 11.25″ deep and has 1,488 cubic inches. This is sufficient space to house two quality urns. Our 17″ deep niche has the same opening as our standard niche, but allows space for more urns to be placed into the niche creating the potential of having a “family” niche.

Our space-saving size niche measures 9.5″ x 9.5″ x 10″ deep with a total of 903 cubic inches. This has enough room for two properly configured rectangular urns. These niches are ideal when space is at a premium.

Our Story

According to The Cremation Association of America (CANA), by the year 2025 approximately fifty-six percent of all Americans will be choosing cremation for themselves and/or their loved ones as their preferred choice of disposition. Some areas of the country exceed sixty percent or higher. This poses a question: Where do you house the cremated remains that not only honors loved ones, but also ensures security, dependability and peace of mind now and for decades to come?

Creter Vault Corporation created American Columbarium to address the growing need to provide and American Columbarium to address the growing need to provide an American made product that would be cost effective, beautifully designed, and stand the test of time. In 2018, we will be celebrating 100 years of manufacturing burial products along with providing headstones and memorials for area families. Creter Vault has taken that wealth of experience and utilized a design originally developed by Cordeiro Vault in California who has been manufacturing hundreds of columbaria for more than two decades.

This American made columbarium utilizes our concrete, granite, and manufacturing capabilities. We encase an ABS plastic liner in steel-reinforced concrete batched at our Flemington Concrete plant and formed at our Creter Vault facility. We custom cut the granite shutters and trim in our Flemington Granite shop. Our construction crew will handle every aspect of installation from digging and pouring the engineered foundation to making sure that the finished product exceeds your expectations of the project that our landscape architect and support staff has helped you develop.

American Columbarium has designed and manufactured thousands of niches for cemeteries and churches throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Let us design and build one for you!